May 30, 2011

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cheap shot at professor, stunning nod to Summers | By Jerry Meldon | published in the Boston Globe May 30, 2011

The two in one cheap shot at Cornel West and applause for Larry Summers leaves me gasping for air ("Cornel West: Summers was right," May 24). Rupert Murdoch will want to hire who- ever wrote the editorial parodying West's legitimate disgust with a president who has difficulty uttering the words "poor" or "unemployed." The Wall Street Journal must have a beat for someone who, in the same breath, took the opportunity to heap praise on Summers, the man ousted from Harvard's presidency after insulting women and African-American faculty, and the man who, while deputy secretary and secretary of the treasury, eviscerated the Glass- Steagall Act that might have stood in the way of the Wall Street financial meltdown. 


The writer is an associate professor in the chemical and biological engineering depart- ment at Tufts University.

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